Michigan Barn Restoration, formerly Terry’s Barn Restoration, was founded by Terry Stitt in 1960. Terry’s father was a carpenter and a craftsman and one of a small group of specialists restoring pieces of Michigan’s history throughout the early 20th century. For 50 years, Terry ran his business with the same principles he was taught by his father. Every structure is repaired or reconstructed with as much skill and attention to detail as its original builder. Restoration of these historic and personal landmarks is a labor of love with the ultimate desire that these buildings continue to stand for centuries to come.

In 1999, Scott Pastor became Terry’s principal apprentice. Terry taught him every skill passed on from his father, knowing one day he would be his successor. Scott, now the owner of Michigan Barn Restoration, has incorporated his own skills with those learned from Terry during a long apprenticeship. Scott brings to the business a unique blend of traditional mortise and tenon joinery and modern timber framing. He is bringing the tradition of Michigan Barn Restoration into the new century. And while Terry is still involved with the business, Scott is now the expert behind the saw and hammer.

At Michigan Barn Restoration, we work with clients in an upfront and professional way. We consult with our clients to develop an optimized work plan and budget that allows a variety of options to best achieve the restoration goal. We supervise all aspects of the job, bringing in specialists when needed to ensure the best quality work. Our relationships with architects, engineers, and many specialized sub-contractors give us the ability to fit the expertise to the job at hand.

We do what’s necessary to get the job done, and done right. In the end, your satisfaction is our primary concern. Our experience, knowledge and reputation have been earned one project at a time over the last 50 years. Let us know if we can help you with yours.